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The Photo Map
The map app you've been waiting for! Visualize your entire history of GPS-tagged photos on a world map to look back and remember your adventures. A blue pin on the map is a cluster of memories, while a red pin is a single photograph. Click on the pin to see each photo, and double click a photo to view it in full size.

Quickly estimate distance and acreage on a map. Scale bar is included. Valuable features for:

- Driving ("how many miles to the next exit, quickly?")
- Biking/hiking (e.g. estimate trip length)
- Golf (quickly guess how many yards to the hole)
- Real Estate (e.g. estimate how many acres a property has)
- Walking (e.g. how far of a city walk, how far to next class, etc.)


- Estimate distance or area quickly and easily.
- Scale bar on the map
- Map can automatically scroll as needed.
- Latitude and longitude on the map.
- Search function.
- Units: metric, customary and golf.