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The Photo Map for Mac OS X

Welcome to the support and information page for The Photo Map for Mac OS X!

The map app you've been waiting for! Visualize your entire history of GPS-tagged photos on a world map to look back and remember your adventures. A blue pin on the map is a cluster of memories, while a red pin is a single photograph. Click on the pin to see each photo, and double click a photo to view it in full size.

The Photo Map should work great right out of the App Store. Assuming you have a large photo library filled with many years of travel memories, you will be reliving those memories in no time! If there any slowdowns, please find more information here:

The app won't load my photo library when I click "From Library"! Why not?

Please ensure that each of the following conditions are satisfied for the photo map to load from your Mac OS X photo library.

  1. You are running Mac OS X 10.11 or newer.
  2. is installed. What is It is the modern photo library for Mac OS X, that is a successor to iPhoto. The icon for is like a white circle with a multi-colored flower in the middle of it.
  3. You have opened at least one time. In doing so, you created a default system library, opened its Albums tab and Photo Stream. This can help establish a system photo library.
  4. contains photos. This is where from the "From Library" feature will try to load photos.
  5. Your photos contain GPS location information (also known as "geo-tagging"). It's possible that your photos don't contain GPS location information. Usually photos taken with an iPhone and possibly other smartphones do have GPS location information, unless you turned it off. Photos taken with a DSLR may not have GPS information, unless the DSLR specifically has GPS capabilities.
  6. Your library is set as the system default photo library. To check this, open, and then open Preferences in that app. If "Use as System Photo Library" button is enabled, click that button to make the photo library shown there the system photo library.
  7. Please restart The Photo Map after making any of these changes to try to reload the system photo library again.
None of the above steps work, although I am sure my photos have GPS information in them. Is there something else I can do?

Yes, you can load your library by clicking "Load Folder" and selecting your library, which has a file extension of ".photoslibrary". This will load the photos from your library. At this time, iPhoto libraries are not supported, but this feature may be forthcoming.

What does the button with the mouse cursor icon that says "Select Points" do?
How do I select photos when there is a bunch of red pins all clustered in the exact same place?

Clicking the button with the mouse cursor "arrow" icon that says "Select Points" will change the mouse cursor to a plus sign when it's over the map. Then, drag the cursor over a rectangular area on the map that surrounds the pins with photos that you want to view. The map view will then zoom in to surround the pins that you selected, and the photos from those pins will appear in the image browser to the right.

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